There are many reasons why solar energy is so important. Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource, which means it won’t run out like fossil fuels. It’s also very cost effective, and can save you money on your energy bills. Solar energy is also great for the environment, as it doesn’t produce any harmful emissions. This means it can help to combat climate change.

Solar energy helps to climate, creates new jobs, secures peace, has the potential to be the world’s energy supplier, and brings down energy prices. Ten reasons why solar energy is so important for the energy transition.

1. Solarstrom schont das Klima.
Solar energy helps to save the climate.

2. Solarstrom schafft neue Jobs.
Solar energy creates new jobs.

3. Solarstrom sichert den Frieden.
Solar energy helps to secure peace.

4. Solarstrom hat das Potential zum WeltEnergieLieferanten.
Solar energy has the potential to become the world’s energy supplier.

5. Solarstrom sorgt für sinkende Strompreise. Solar energy reduces energy prices.

6. Solarstrom verdrängt die schmutzigen Energien Atom und Kohle.
Solar energy displaces dirty energy sources like nuclear and coal.

7. Solarstrom ist wichtig für die Energiewende.
Solar energy is important for the energy transition.

8. Solarstrom ist umweltfreundlich.
Solar energy is environmentally friendly.

9. Solarstrom ist billig.
Solar energy is cheap.

10. Solarstrom ist unabhängig.
Solar energy is independent.